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GHC 2017 
These days the greenhouse horticulture sector is encumbered with huge energy expenses.  The sector’s energy consumption needs to be reduced, and efforts are being made to find solutions which will both reduce costs and benefit the environment. Reducing energy consumption often reduces the quality of plants, and new technological solutions and increased understanding of the physiological reactions of plants will be necessary to achieve energy reduction while maintaining plant quality. In the future, the horticultural sector, universities, ATS companies (Authorised Technology Service companies working with business development) and other technological companies will work together to find a solution. Two cooperation projects have been defined, “Greenhouse Concept 2017” and “Intelligent Energy Handling in Greenhouses”.  The technologies which will be investigated as part of these projects include storage of surplus energy in a subsoil aquifer, dynamic climate control, light-emitting diodes for plant growth and a number of other technologies which may contribute to energy efficiency in greenhouses. Results are tested and demonstrated on an ongoing basis at Hjortebjerg Greenhouse in Søndersø, particularly with a view to the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  “Greenhouse Concept 2017” was established as an innovation consortium financed by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Science, and the “Intelligent Handling of Energy in Greenhouses” project is sponsored by Region South Denmark and the European Regional Fund.

Intelligent Energy Handling in Greenhouses
Establishment of a demonstration greenhouse to showcase state of the art technologies

Innovation Consortium – Greenhouse Concept 2017
Development of new technologies for saving energy in the greenhouse horticulture sector

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